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A Cold Ended Evening, a Soaked Cigarette

I'm Asleep on a Shoulder that i've Never Met

A Howie Day Fan Community
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Welcome to soakedcigarette, a LJ community for Howie Day fans. Even if you've got nothing to post, the mods will post almost daily, if possible! Journal is FRIENDS ONLY, membership is moderated. Like it says below though, that's for good reason, but we'll most likely let anyone in!

You can post:
o1. Howie News, articles, interviews and pictures.
o2. Got some cool live Howie tracks from HowieFan or somewhere else you want to share or trade? Do it here!
o3. Post about shows you've been to, etc here as well.'
o4. Just want to talk about your favorite song or lyric? No problem!
o5. Feel free to share your Howie graphics. This includes icons, wallpapers, anything fun you do in photoshop, paint or psp!
o6. When you join, feel free to introduce yourself! Let us know about you and why you are a fan of Howie and/or his music!

o1. No matter what the person is posting, please respect their wishes and rules.
o2. Please, no wank. Be respectful to ALL members, no matter what their opinions are.
o3. No bashing of members or Howie here. If you have an opinion, no problem, but posting them in a mature manner is expected of you.
o4. Membership is monitored for a reason, but we most likely will let anyone in, no matter what.
o5. FRIENDS ONLY! This community is Friends only and for good reason. Please respect that.
o6. If you must pimp your communities or webpages for Howie, that's MORE than okay! The more, the better, I always say.

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