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Howie and his MySpace Update!

Hey, Howie FINALLY updated his journal....its only been 16 months...but here it is!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

hi there
Current mood: optimistic
Category: Sports

I got to play at Fenway Park. I dwelled the very corridors that so many greats have ... dwelled. Some of my family came, too bad it rained like a bastard... We made the best of it. Mike O'Malley came and introduced himself to me, really nice guy... It took me a minute. Nick. GUTS!

Who knows how much longer that place will be there? I secretly hope it becomes some sort of Coliseum that stands forever. This was definitely an experience I can tell my grandkids about, and they won't give a shit, but whatever, I'll be old, and psyched for my long lost youth.

Welcome to my blog. I hate the word blog. It reminds me of the word blubber, which reminds me of whales, which reminds me of Bar Harbor, which reminds me of hippies, which reminds me of blogs... it's the circle of life. The Lion King is pretty cool, though.

I'll try and write in this thing if you guys think it's worthwhile. I'm new to this stuff. I'm actually on a Macintosh LC.

so much love,



"Hi I'm Aimee and I'm a HowieDayaholic..."
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